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#HeilNo #PhoneJam
Tie Up Trump’s Businesses Until Bannon Is Fired

This is an emergency, and we’re dialing up our resistance — literally. We don’t buy the lie that Trump is a legitimately elected president. We don’t buy the lie that he’s separating his business interests from his public office.

And we absolutely reject Trump’s appointment of neo-Nazi Steve Bannon to chief White House strategist.

So, we’re bringing a big Heil No! right to Donald Trump’s businesses.

(If he won’t separate his business interests from his public responsibilities, nor should we, right?)

Sign up here to have call-in numbers sent directly to your phone

Let’s flood Trump’s hotels, restaurants, golf courses, spas, and other businesses with non-stop calls to fire Bannon. Be polite and respectful to the people answering the phones – but as long-winded as possible in your inquiries. Mischief and fun encouraged.

If you can’t get through, that means the protest is working! Wait and try again, or call the toll-free Trump reservation line at 877-996-5507 or 855-878-6700