Will I Be Safe In a Trump Hotel?

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Today’s call to action:

WILL I BE SAFE AT A TRUMP HOTEL? (because I’m sure not safe in Trump’s America)

Trump isn’t separating his business interests from his public office, so why should we? Join us in flooding the phone lines of Trump’s hotels today and in the days ahead! (Click here to sign up for future actions)

Can any woman be safe in a hotel named after an admitted sexual predator? Can any immigrant be safe in a hotel owned by a man who is threatening mass deportations? Can any of us be safe with white supremacist Steve Bannon directing White House strategy?

  • Trump NYC 212-899-1000
  • Trump DC 202-695-1100
  • Trump Soho 866-915-9267
  • Trump Miami 305-592-2000
  • Trump Chicago 312-588-8000
  • Trump Las Vegas 702-982-0000

We’re encouraging many long-winded calls to Trump hotels to discuss the question of safety and demand that Trump fire neo-Nazi Steve Bannon. Please be kind and respectful to the people answering the phone — but engage them in the lengthiest conversation possible!


“Hello, Trump Hotel Reservations.”

“Hi, how are you today? How’s your day going?”


“Well, gosh, I’ve had a really stressful day. I’m really worried about the future of the planet. Is this Trump Hotel Reservations?”


“Reservations for all the Trump hotels, or just one of them?”


“So, wait, where all do you have hotels?”


“What about New York City? What hotels do you have in New York City?”


So, New York City has always been a haven for outsiders and immigrants but things are getting scary out there. Will I be safe if I stay at a Trump Hotel?


Really? Are you sure the owner won’t sexually assault me? Because he’s confessed to sexually assaulting other women and he’s appointed a chief strategist who is a misogynist and a neo-Nazi …


Sign up for future phone actions here, and share your calling reportbacks and call script ideas here.